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Nuglow Rgb Light Therapya

Nuglow Rgb Light Therapya Is the harm of photonic skin tender great?

Four categories of people are not allowed to use it.
Core tip: does the harm of photonic skin tender is great?

The harm of photonic skin tender is very small, and it is a kind of

skin tenderness operation with high safety.

The harm of photonic skin tender is closely related to the technical

operation of doctors, so it is suggested to choose a regular hospital to seek medical treatment.

light therapy box how to use

light therapy box how to use Photonic skin tenderness

is a new noninvasive skin medical beauty method developed based on “photonic” technology.

Photons are a kind of wide spectrum visible light with special wavelength

Which has soft photothermal effect, which can safely and effectively improve the elasticity.

Color and fineness of the skin, and meet the consumers’ pursuit of high quality image to the greatest extent.

Photonic skin tenderness technology has a high degree of directivity

high density and consistency, it can be gathered to a very small treatment site.

the action site is accurate, will not cause damage to the surrounding

tissue and skin affiliated organs (hair follicles, sebaceous gland, etc.);

at the same time, its non-interventional treatment method

adapts to different skin states, is safe and effective, and will not cause damage to the skin.

The harm of photonic skin tender is very small, it will not

damage the cuticular layer, it is a very safe way to moisturize the skin.

As long as the subject is suitable for this method, there are few side effects.

light therapy box

Photonic skin tenderness is not suitable for everyone and must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

For light allergy, local and systemic inflammation, immune system defects, scar physique, pregnant women, abnormal blood coagulation people, are not suitable for photonic skin tenderness.

At the same time, the difference between imported equipment and domestic equipment is also very big

The quality of the instrument used is not high, it is easy to cause skin burns or leave scars.

Four categories of people cannot use photons to moisturize their skin

Nuglow Rgb Light Therapya

  1. Women must not whiten their skin with photons during pregnancy.

Pioneer People with severe heart disease and high blood pressure are

Not advised to use photons to tender their skin, otherwise they may have serious consequences.

  1. Photoperiod sensitive skin, people who use photosensitive drugs should also avoid doing photonic skin whitening.

Matters needing attention after Photon skin tenderness


NUYOULED Photonic skin tenderness is one of the first choices for many beautiful women to

choose facial tender skin. the care after photonic tender skin plays a

very important role in the treatment of photonic skin tender.

because if the care is not good, it will affect the effect of photonic skin tender. What matters should be paid attention to after the treatment of photonic skin tenderness?

  1. After treatment, the skin will appear a little reddish, slightly burning, cold
  2. compress after a few hours will gradually retreat, if still feel not suitable for consultation with the doctor.

Pioneer Some people will have a slight scab after treatment

usually in a week will fall off, do not pick off on their own.

light therapy is it good

Pioneer Skin moisturizing needs to be strengthened after treatment.

  1. One week after treatment, avoid the use of irritant care products, such as fruit acid, An acid, high concentration vitamin C, salicylic acid, alcohol and other irritant care products.
  2. Strengthen sunscreen, it is best to use sunscreen above SPF30~50, go out to do physical sunscreen, such as umbrella and so on.

Photonic skin tender old age spot is an ideal treatment at present, the appearance of old age spot makes many friends feel very distressing about it, and makes people’s appearance image have also been greatly affected.

In order to let you have a better understanding of photonic skin aging spots, next, please ask the relevant experts to introduce us to the relevant content!

Photons tender skin effectively remove old age spots:

light therapy sunlight

Old spots are light brown, brown or black plaques or spots, flat or slightly protruding, no pain or itching, spots or plaques of varying size, some can reach 2 ≤ 3 cm in diameter, some will slowly grow up or color will deepen.

Although old age spots grow on the elderly, young people will also because of congenital inheritance, too much ultraviolet radiation to “old age spots.”

Nuglow Rgb Light Therapyaa

Photonic skin tenderness technology is a good method to remove aging plaques, in addition to facial red blood silk, erythema acne, rosacea elimination or less degree of thinning of color spots and age spots.

thick pores reduce fine lines, wrinkles significantly reduce the thickening of collagen layer, elastic enhancement of facial skin roughness significantly improves acne scar thinning and elimination.

It can also make the skin delicate and elastic. Photons tender skin freckles generally need to do several times, every once in a while treatment, generally 1-2 times can see the obvious effect, do not affect the normal life and work, you can easily have a good skin.

Nuglow Rgb Light Therapyaa

Nuglow Rgb Light Therapya The formation of plaques in the elderly is an important manifestation of excessive deposition of pigments in the human body.

Old age spot is inevitable, but it can delay the formation of

old age spot by adjusting the body and photonic technology, and solve the trouble of old age spot.

Photonic skin rejuvenation does not affect your normal

work after eliminating old age spots, and it is the most ideal and scientific beauty method at present.

Experts remind everyone in the photonic skin to eliminate aging spots

in order to be safe and the final effect, it is important to go to the regular plastic surgery hospital.