Andromaxx Supplement to increase your Testosterone levels and set it to free within less than 24 hours, in this article i will explain & share with you different way to increase Testosterone levels.

The importance of testosterone level to fitness before, and we have also talked about several ways to increase testosterone secretion.

So to maintain a high testosterone level in addition to maintaining good habits and healthy eating to improve, we should also avoid some bad things.

In order to prevent lowering testosterone levels, today I will sort out a set of nausea and bad diets that affect testosterone levels to see if you have been shot!

AndroMaxx Review

AndroMaxx Review as what we said its for increase Testosterone levels are closely related to personal stress, and it is also the “first enemy” that affects our hormone secretion.

 In today’s world, everyone is under pressure. Most people live a life of nine to five every day. As long as we live in this world, it is impossible to be stress-free.

It is very important to learn to decompress for yourself.

Taking a bath every few days, taking a vacation if you are tired from work, maintaining fitness habits, etc., can relieve a certain amount of stress for yourself.

Once a person is 30 years old, the testosterone level in the body will naturally drop. A large part of the reason is that the muscle level will also decline by the age of 30.

This is the natural aging process of human beings that no one can stop. 

However, you can delay the speed of aging by maintaining muscle content and delay the rapid decline of testosterone levels in the body.

How to unlock free testosterone

How to unlock free testosterone ? 1st you have to quit alcohol has a great influence on testosterone levels.

a lot of people think that more you drink they can get what they want, In fact, the more they drink, the less manly they will be. It is precisely because of the influence of alcohol on testosterone levels.

Physiologically, the substances produced by the liver in the process of decomposing alcohol can inhibit the secretion of testosterone.

A few drinks a week has little effect on the body, but it still inhibits the secretion of testosterone. Some scholars say that a 19-year-old adult man Experiments on subjects showed that after drinking 1-2 cups a day, their testosterone levels would drop by 6.8% after three weeks.

Soy products will accelerate the secretion of estrogen in the body and inhibit the secretion of testosterone. 

Excessive consumption of soy products will affect the level of testosterone. Remember the news of the man who drank soy milk for many years and was envious of his breasts by girls!

Free testosterone calculator

Free testosterone calculator Lack of exercise not only has a great impact on physical health, but also indirectly leads to lower testosterone levels in the body. 

This is because when exercising, the body sends a positive signal to promote the secretion of more testosterone in the body.

So as to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, and exercises that can quickly increase testosterone in the body are generally strength training, especially compound exercises.

Low free testosterone

Low free testosterone meat is the main raw material for processed meat. Eating processed meat will affect the amount of sperm excreted and sperm motility.

This is because the hormones used in processing non-organic poultry meat will affect the body’s normal hormone secretion.

So eat more regular beef , Poultry, wild fish are good for the body, but also provide the body with omega 3 fatty acids, eat less processed meat with low nutrition.

Increase free testosterone

Increase free testosterone There is no doubt that obesity is also one of the reasons for lowering testosterone in the body. 

Not only that, it also affects the balance of hormones in the human body. The reason for the lower testosterone levels in obese men is because fat cells metabolise testosterone into estrogen.

Thereby reducing testosterone levels. Similarly, obesity can lead to a decrease in the level of love hormone binding globulin in the body.

Love hormone globulin is the carrier of testosterone. The less love hormone binding globulin, the less testosterone hormone in the body when sleep is insufficient.

The importance of sleep to physical health need not be repeated. Sleep not only affects the energy of the next day, but also affects the secretion of body hormones.

Insufficient sleep can also cause hormone levels in the body to be imbalanced. The testosterone level in the human body will drop significantly, so ensuring a good sleep is very important for normal testosterone levels. Important, starting today, go to bed early!

Free testosterone range male

Free testosterone range male carbohydrates are divided into simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. 

Eating simple carbohydrates is very bad for your body because it does not contain any fiber or protein, which can disrupt the secretion of insulin and cause metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome can easily lead to diabetes, which will completely destroy your testosterone secretion. Eat more whole grains and less finely processed foods.

Vitamin D is closely related to the secretion of testosterone. Compared with adult men who are rich in vitamin D, adult men with lower vitamin D content also have lower testosterone levels.

If you want to supplement vitamin D, you can eat more eggs and get more sun exposure.

Causes of low free testosterone

Causes of low free testosterone Often wearing inappropriate underwear can also affect the secretion of testosterone in the testicles. 

Thick and tight underwear will cause the testicular temperature to be too high and inhibit sperm secretion.

The temperature of the testicle should be lower than the temperature of other parts of the body, so it is better to wear boxer shorts or looser underwear.

In summary, if you want to maintain a normal testosterone level, you can first keep enough sleep, adjust your diet, spend more time on yourself, develop hobbies.

And decompress yourself; secondly, you can also do more strength training, such as squats, Bench press, deadlift and pull-ups are all good, simple push-ups, compound exercises and multi-joint exercises are the best helpers for improving testosterone;

Adequate sleep: lack of sleep can affect the balance of hormones in the body. 

Therefore, sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night so that your body will release important hormones.

Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy Weight control: Overweight, obesity or underweight are among the many factors that affect testosterone levels. So, keep your weight at a reasonable and healthy level.

Have an active lifestyle: With a sedentary lifestyle, the body sends signals to the brain that it does

not need to strengthen bones and muscles, thereby reducing the body’s production of testosterone.

AndroMaxx to Boost Testosterone Levels

AndroMaxx to Boost Testosterone Levels Limit stress: Regular stress increasing cortisol levels will also cause the body to fail to produce enough testosterone.

Check the medications you are taking: An undesirable side effect of

medications is the reduction of the most common testosterone, which contains opioids, glucocorticoids, and anabolic steroids.

Make sure that your diet contains enough fat, protein and carbohydrates: it is very important to establish a balanced diet. 

If you want to increase testosterone, you need to understand how to

balance healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates in your diet.

Limit sugar consumption: Eating high-sugar foods can cause insulin levels to rise, thereby reducing testosterone levels in the body. Therefore, avoid processed foods and supplements. Eat whole grains, fruits, beans, oatmeal and milk.

Fortified zinc: If you don’t have enough zinc, your body cannot produce enough testosterone. 

Zinc may be found in dairy products, meat, fish, but eating too much meat or

fish is not good, so add enough to your body.


AndroMaxx Avoid or limit alcohol consumption: Drinking alcohol can impair testosterone levels. 

Also avoid drinking beer, because it will increase the level of estrogen in the body.

AndroMaxx Reduce libido and negatively affect testosterone levels.

Supplement essential foods: Bananas, fish oil and cruciferous vegetables

are essential foods to increase testosterone levels and provide essential nutrients for the body.